Most of us are confused to get a phone under budget which is very tough to decide among 100’s of phones.

To give some clarity about it, I’m writing this blog.

Firstly most people are still confused about 5G. See 5G is still not found in many places of the world. To be practical we all mainly depends on WiFi for most of our activities. So we typically depend on WiFi and coming to 4G and 5G. 5G is still need to grow in many places. So even if your phone is not compatible with 5G that is completely fine. Don’t conclude everything with 5G tag.

Camera, Speakers, build quality, AMOLED display everything is very good for this phone.

Gaming is super good for this and can handle every task what we throw on it.

The one downside of it is just 5G and it is net picking for me. Mi note 10 pro offers good value for money for users


  1. AMOLED display
  2. 120 hz refresh rate
  3. super fast charging
  4. huge battery
  5. Good processor
  6. Stereo speakers


  1. not 5G.

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